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Welcome to The Workbench, Thruway Hardwood's blog. Here we will highlight news that we think you want, or should, know about in greater depth. Topics such as local woodworking and architecture projects, updates concerning the Empire State Chapter of the Architecture Woodwork Institute, and important information about special products will be discussed (such as LEED and FSC certified products, Karran sinks, veneer, Plyboo, Chemetal design products and laminate materials). If you have any topics you'd like to see covered, please send us your ideas via our contact form ».

Introducing Mystera Acrylic Solid Surface
Tags: Woodworking Projects, solid surface, acrylic, Mystera, Mystera acrylic solid surface, Countertops, Vanity Tops, Table Tops, Shower Walls, Wall Cladding, Privacy Partitions, Fixtures, Signage, made in the USA

We are glad to introduce Mystera Acrylic Solid Surface as our newest product line. Originally developed in the mid 1990’s, the raw material and production processes  were upgraded in 2012 and uses a unique manufacturing process to replicate the look of natural stone. Under the current ownership, Mystera has achieved higher performance standards and new visuals!

The material achieves the look of quarried stone with the benefits of a manmade non-porous, stain resistant product. Each sheet has a unique pattern which adds interest to the overall design of the space. The fresh pallet of sixteen colors offers a variety of color tones and intensity of veining, in both multi-directional and linear patterns.

Mystera is engineered for residential and commercial applications, and can be cut, shaped and assembled to fit most any application. Ideal for both the “Do It Yourself” home project and the complex Skilled Professional commercial project, Mystera will convert the design vision into a living space.

Recommended applications include: Countertops, Vanity Tops, Table Tops, Shower Walls, Wall Cladding, Privacy Partitions, Fixtures, Signage, and more!

Have questions or want samples? Give us a call!
Buffalo: 716-893-9663             Syracuse: 315-433-9835

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Thermo-treated Applications: Interior Uses?
Tags: Woodworking Projects, Thermo-treated wood, heat-treated wood, hardwood, lumber, Thruway Hardwood, Syracuse Forest Products, ash, poplar, maple, soft maple, walnut, oak

Thermo-treated lumber has been making waves in the European market for a while now, though it's fairly new to American shores. For many years it was only thought of as an exterior decking material and, while still popular for decks, thermo-treated wood is beginning to make it’s way inside-- more specifically, as an interior material option.

For those of you new to thermo-treated wood, tells us the difference between it and heat-treated wood (which the US market is more familiar with):

“In the U.S. the term, "heat treated wood" refers to wood that is heated to temperatures around 130 degrees F; the only purpose being to kill bugs larvae within the wood. Thermo-treated wood is a process that increases the temperature of wood beyond 400 degrees F which creates a change in the molecular structure, resulting in a new generation of wood material.”

Chris Miller, our resident hardwood expert, comments on the application possibilities of thermo-treated hardwood:

“Based on the high cost of imported hardwoods and domestic walnut, there is an emerging market for thermo-treated wood in the manufacturing of interior doors, architectural millwork and, to a lessor extent, flooring and furniture.”

The use of thermo-treated wood doesn’t stop there, we’ve found people using it for everything from sauna interiors to washbowls, and siding to musical instruments.


We offer thermo-treated wood in a variety of species. Download our informational document to read about major features, properties, tech data and photos of treated wood or call one of our sales representatives for more information.

Buffalo: 716-893-9663     Syracuse: 315-433-9835

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Advancing In the War Against the Emerald Ash Borer
Tags: Industry News, EAB, emerald ash borer, femme fatale, ash, hardwood, north american, forest preservation
Lately, the wood web has been all abuzz with talk about new techniques being used to control the population spread of the Emerald Ash Borer. Last year we introduced this foreign pest in our blog article Return to Ash - Impact of the Emerald Ash Borer. This year, we get to take this article in a more optimistic direction.

New Trends in Defensive Measures:
One of the topics trending on the Woodworking Network (a popular woodworking trade news source, if you're not familiar with it) is the vacuum method that Virginia Tech researchers have developed in order to prevent the spread of emerald ash borer insects, as well as long horned beetles in raw lumber. The article states that "The chemical used to fumigate wood is methyl bromide. Use of this ozone-depleting material is severely restricted but is currently permitted for the quarantine and pretreatment of logs." You can find out more information about this method from the original article here.

One of the most unique techniques thought up to deplete the threat of EAB is still in the works, but has already made a splash in the news. Penn State tells us an international team of researchers are experimenting with electrically charged female EAB decoys that will, hopefully, attract male insects. When the hormonal males touch the decoys, they will be zapped with a high-voltage current, killing them instantly and preventing the species's continued existence. Yeesh, talk about a femme fatale!

The project is still in the testing stages though, and there are plenty of concerns that come with this tactic. To start, the team needs to ensure that male emerald ash borers are even going to be attracted to these phonies, and then there is the added danger of other living things accidentally coming into contact with the fake, and deadly, bugs.

Femme Fatale Ash Borers pictured below - the original article can be found here.

Find out more about what preventive measures are being taken to protect our forests from this destructive pest on the Official EAB website.

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